Revealing the gun asks for a payment of “Vlahovic” for 4 years

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The Independent reports that Arsenal are hoping to split Dusan Vlahovic ‘s fee for four years if they sign the forward from Fiorentina this month.

Serbia continues to be linked with transfers. After only 18 months left of the contract with ” Fiorentina ” And there is no sign that a new agreement can be reached with the agency. It is

believed that the “big guns” still want to grab the 21-year-old striker to join the army this month. Although referred to confirm that he wants to stay with the agency until the end of the season.

Previously, it was reported that Arsenal had to struggle with persuading Vlahovic to join the army. But it seems that wasn’t their only problem.

Arsenal are now reportedly keen to split the cost of Vlahovic over four years instead of the full £62.5million, while Fiorentina wants the hefty fee immediately. more than.

Like this, the first installment will not play well. will play better according to the period that has been sent

The report says the issue could be another obstacle that prevents Arsenal from

signing Vlajovic, who has continued to excel in the season. So far, he has scored 16 goals and assisted 3 in 20 Serie A games.