Milan see Bailly as a replacement after Romagnoli suggests a free transfer.

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It is reported that AC Milan for Eric Bryson Japan. Is one of the options, the captain of Alessandria Lazio Roman Major Ali could leave the team. In the summer of Dubai, Japan became the first choice 4.

Manchester United defender following the arrival of Rafael Varane and his injury. That causes them to rest often and can’t maintain their good form.

The 27-year-old defender has just played for the “Red Devils” only 3 games in all shows this season. 

In addition, it was recently reported that there was an argument with manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

for sending Harry Maguire. To the field without being fully.

However, Bailly may leave the team when Calciomercato recently reported that ” The Red Devils see him as one of the options to replace Romagnoli next summer.

Staying in Milan has continued to go down. Only last year’s form has dropped. But it will be reduced to get 3.5m, I think the board is a bit mean.

The Italian national team defender still has a contract with Milan until next summer only. Romagnoli is

not the only player with Milan facing contract issues, with Frank Kessie being another player they may lose. Hurry after the season