Liverpool’s last hope: Steven Gerrard

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After being both a pillar, a hope and a captain for Liverpool for a long time Today it seems that Steven Gerrard has the opportunity to lead the old Reds team to win the trophy. English Premier League Get it with your own hands again!

Because of the current situation, although Liverpool are still 4 points behind Manchester City, but the Reds have more than 1 game in hand that must go to Southampton on Tuesday night, which if the Reds can grab 3 points, they will reduce The gap was only 1 point and the measure continued in the final game of the season. the UFABET report

With the final match, all teams will play together on Sunday night, May 22 at 10 PM. According to the program, both teams will play at home. Liverpool will face Wolverhampton and Manchester City will face Aston. Steven Gerrard’s Villa

This is where it was said at the outset, although Gerrard is now just a former club legend. 

But fate seems to have given him a chance to make amends to help the team. Reach the league title in which he will be fully involved again.

Of course, the only condition if Jurgen Klopp’s side beat Saints in midweek would be They have to beat Wolves only one place and hope Steven Gerrard. Will lead the team to do what they can to not lose. Blues and then the Reds will be the one who won the league immediately after the end. The whistle sounded at the end of the match.

It is believed that his professionalism combined with being a wholehearted Liverpool fan will motivate Stevie G to give his all as manager in the final game. Even if they have nothing to offer, but the problem is Gerrard. How much will this knowledge and thirst pass on to the team?

In the end, if a miracle happens. Aston Villa can come in and have a point in this game and the Reds are the one. Who overtakes the championship in the end. I can assure you that the Kop fans will want to hold the Premier League trophy. Knock on Gerrard’s door and call out to lift the trophy like one of the club’s players. Of course, that will make Reds fans’ dreams come true to see great captain Steven Gerrard lead Liverpool to the Premier League title. No matter what state you are in