“Greenwood” posted for the first time after opening the issue

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Mason Greenwood‘s Harriet Robson made his first move on Instagram. After last week she posted a claim that the Manchester United player. United physically and sexually assaulted

On Sunday, an 18-year-old student posted a picture on social media. Including audio clips claiming that the 20-year-old tried to rape her.

Then Greenwood was immediately arrested. By the police for further investigation. He was later reported to have faced additional charges. Of aggression and death threats. Prior to being released on bail on Wednesday. Ufabet report

Manchester United issued a statement condemning and disapproving of the violence. 

Greenwood returned to his expensive mansion in Cheshire. Along with reports that he hired security guards to guard the surrounding area. And high quality CCTV cameras. installed around the building.

In the meantime, man United have no further comments. The police continued their investigations.

Most recently, a young woman claimed that she belonged to Greenwood. Has posted a message via Instagram for the first time since the issue opened.

by posting a short message saying “I am so grateful to everyone who sent messages of support and encouragement. Thank you.”

“The past few days have been very difficult. And I don’t use social media while the police are investigating,” she posted with the comments closed.

Incidentally, the girl’s Instagram has grown rapidly. She had about 200,000 followers that weekend, but has now jumped to 900,000.