Barca pop up a new contract plan, “Dembele” pays as much as you can.

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It has been revealed by Sport that Barcelona. Are preparing to offer winger Ousmane Dembele a new contract. Wages will be paid according to the conditions on the field.

The 24-year-old is in the final stages of his contract with the “Barca” agency due to expire in 2022, while injury continues to interfere with negotiations. The new contract is not yet in progress.

Meanwhile, new manager Xavi Hernandez has made it clear that he still believes in the Frenchman’s pace. And giving the new contract with the players a priority as a priority

However, recently it has been revealed that Barcelona are trying to find a solution to the financial problems within the team.

And will offer a contract model for players like Dembele, with a cut in their main wages and the amount they earn. Most of them corresponded to the games played. And other conditions that were achieved on the field.

This type of contract is not a new one. As current team director Mateu Alemani has also used the players during his time in management at Mallorca and Valencia,

ultimately it is believed that the decision will depend. With the players themselves wanting to prove themselves with the opportunity to earn more wages than before. Or move to another team that offers wages in a fixed format as usual. Meanwhile, the club itself has to rush to rectify the situation before losing players worth more than 148 million euros for free.