“Wilder” congratulates Ramsdale “good” with Arsenal

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Former Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder has congratulated Aaron Ramsdale on his progress. After a difficult time with his former club,

Wilder is a huge fan of Ramsdale, having brought in Sheffield from Bournemouth last summer.

Bringing the great Dane to the team was one of the issues that led Wilder to frustrate the club’s management. He insisted he only wanted a goalkeeper, but

Wilder eventually agreed to part ways with the club before Sheffield could not survive in the Premier League, while Ramsdale moved to Arsenal. Knoll in the past summer,

Wilder, who recently took over as manager of Middlesbrough, congratulations Ramsdale for doing a great job.

“It’s beautiful and great, I’m delighted with Aaron, he’s a good guy, it’s been a tough time for him. As with the others, “he told talkSPORT,

” We have young players, many at Sheffield United, it does not have to shrink, especially when you do not get the result they want, “

” I think it shows. show his personality I talked about Aaron and Steve Round when it was possible he would leave. And I’m delighted with this kid. We have seen his connection with the fans

and with the England national team. His opportunities opened up in the summer with injuries to players like Dean Henderson and Nick Pope, he seized the opportunity and impressed everyone

. This continues. I’m happy for him.”