Wenger urges fans not to be afraid of hosting the World Cup

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Former head coach Arsene Wenger believes football fans around the world shouldn’t be afraid. Of the change to the World Cup every two years.

Starting to talk about changing the format of a new football match. From the original 4 years to 2 years until it brought a variety of trends within the football industry.

One of the key players who initiated the idea with FIFA, Wenger, believes fans should not be afraid of this change.

“What surprises me the most is that in an anti-discrimination society, if you ask someone on the streets if it’s a good idea to host a Women’s World Cup every two years, They will say ‘great, it will improve women’s football,’ Wenger said on Rio Ferdinand’s YouTube channel, Presents FIVE.

“So why is it such a bad thing for men’s football? That means that all unwillingness arises from personal emotions. We grew up hosting the World Cup every four years and we want to keep it that

way. Younger generations will agree. People in their 50s are against it.”

“We don’t need to be afraid. Modern people who watch football are knowledgeable. he has a need He wants to feel the quality of what he’s watching.”

“There is still a demand for quality. People today are knowledgeable and well informed. It is our responsibility to provide them with the highest quality.”