“Cavani” suffered a chronic injury before the start of the season

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Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani admits he has sustained injuries before the start of the season. And is going to be cured.

34-year-old shin had to face problems with injuries all the time. Since moving from Paris Saint-Germain to United in 2020,

the Uruguay international has paired up with Cristiano Ronaldo in a game against Tottenham. Pur was under a 5-3-2 plan and came on as a substitute in the draw against Atalanta, but did not feature in last weekend’s defeat to Manchester City

, Cavani did. Revealed that he has a chronic injury since the start of the season. and is about to undergo treatment to be cured

“The problem is this. Since before the start of the season I have a tendon injury,” he told El Observador.

“It took me weeks to rest. until able to start returning to the field with the team Then I had to go back and play for the national team with an injury. But hopefully it will go away soon.”

“It’s better than before. But after the game against Tottenham, the injury came back again.”

“It was a difficult injury. And I decided to go for treatment to prevent it from coming back and for the fastest recovery. I will be back fit and ready for the club and the national team.”