The opinions of other travelers, an essential criterion while choosing a hotel

Opinions play a determining role in the choice of a hotel! On most sites, we can now filter the results according to the score assigned to accommodation by other travelers. Sorting can be more or less fine: sort by note but also sort by traveler profile (family trip, romantic trip, and solo trip). Read these articles for some important tips regarding choosing hotel. Click here for cheap hotels in hong kong.

Check out reviews on multiple sites

Take advice from Google reviews, Trip Advisor reviews, reviews, Last Minute reviews, etc. It allows crossing the information to identify the good plans … and the bad tracks! Similarly, in the case where there is “false opinion” (people paid to write positive reviews); look at several sites can often be a more reliable idea of the quality of service.

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Compare what is comparable: a leisure traveler, for example, does not necessarily have the same needs and expectations as a business traveler. Visit lkf hotel for better services.

Read the negative reviews

These are the most interesting … and I advise you to sort! There are always moaners who will complain no matter what, there are people who will criticize things that do not bother you personally (ex: “the crib was not good quality” => if you travel without children, it is not really a problem for you!)… But by reading a sample of criticisms, we can often spot problems: a bad smell in the establishment for example…

Limit yourself to recent criticisms (those of last year for example)

A hotel may have “started badly” and have been completely renovated since, have changed ownership or corrected some problems; conversely, the service may have deteriorated over time and a commentary that is a few years old does not always reflect reality.