Defence Strategies of a Singapore Defence Lawyer Charges

Being accused of a wrongdoing should not be trifled with. The commission of an offense is culpable with punishments that incorporate fines and detainment. Criminal laws are convoluted and, in case you are in Singapore, are best left to a criminal lawyer Singapore based, an individual who has the best possible training and experience to guard you in court. Anyone charged with an offence is Entitled to raise all possible legal defenses he can have in his favour to prevent or reduce penalties. Your defence strategy involves hiring a criminal lawyer that has a fantastic grasp of the principles of criminal procedure and the defenses available under the criminal code.

A Few of the defenses against criminal responsibility include self defence, insanity and the exercise of a lawful authority or order. Your lawyer should be able to ascertain whether one of these defenses exist in your favor, when to invoke them and how to set these defenses in court.

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Some fundamentals of criminal law

While criminal laws in Singapore are Administered by individual jurisdictions throughout the nation, the same basic principles apply no matter where you have been charged. These principles include:

Presumption of Innocence

Anyone who is charged with the commission Of an offence is deemed innocent until the prosecution can prove he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The smallest doubt that the accused has committed the offence charged will lead to his acquittal or finding of not guilty. Moreover, it is the prosecution’s Responsibility to present enough evidence before the judge or jury to prove the guilt of the accused of what is referred to as the burden of proof.

Sometimes, when the defence lawyer charges singapore of the Accused believes that the evidence presented by the prosecution is not strong enough to result in a conviction, he can decide not to present any evidence on behalf of his client and allow the judge or jury decides the case on the basis of the prosecution’s lack of proof. No two cases are exactly alike and your criminal lawyer ought to be able to invent a defence plan after making a careful evaluation of the facts of your situation. Most people are unaware of this fundamental Principle so that a great criminal lawyer should not only have the ability to represent you in court but more importantly, he needs to have the ability to make certain that you are not being tried or are at risk of being penalized twice for the same offence.