Why Take Melatonin For Anxiety

You probably heard about melatonin before and even made a typo out of it and you’re autocorrect settings typed melatonin instead of melanin in some instances. Although the two words sounded the same, both are actually pretty different in their own way. While melanin is responsible for skin pigmentation, melatonin is a hormone. Basically, it helps you regulate your wake and sleep cycles. The concept of melatonin is simple, light decreases melatonin and darkness increases its production. Increased melatonin production helps the body prepare for sleep and decreasing melatonin production signals the body to be awake. This is the reason why melatonin is prescribed to people that are having a hard time sleeping.

Although its main function is to aid in sleep, it actually has other benefits that can treat other disorders and diseases as well that coincides with sleeping properly. You see sleep isn’t just simply sleep for the body to rest. It’s also the means for our body to relax and repair itself from the daily abuse that it sustained. Lack of sleep can alter those things and although there are normal reasons why people get lack of sleep like having a newborn baby in the house, or you need to do extra work for the presentation the next day, their are people  that are medically having a hard time sleeping which opens up a ton of problems. Aside from that, there are also other things that melatonin treats like anxiety.

type of disorder

What is anxiety: Anxiety by definition is a state in which a person is in a stressful situation. As a result, the body compensates by preparing the body for such a situation. Say there’s a Grizzly bear nearby and if you don’t react accordingly, you will most likely be like Hugh Glass or worse! This is is an extreme situation, a fight or flight situation where your body will prepare for both and help you avoid becoming bear food. Anxiety is normal in those situations. What’s not normal is that you will experience anxiety even in normal situations. If it happens once that’s fine, that might just be because you were taking too much coffee, but experiencing it often means there’s something wrong and you need to get yourself checked.

Anxiety disorder: Anxiety disorder refers to the type of disorder that many people experience because of various reasons that all lead to them experiencing anxiety often if not all the time. This is very dangerous because the body is always prepared, the body is always alert, the body is in constant stress and even other organs in your body like your brain, hearts, lungs, muscles, stomachs and any more are pretty much affected. Sure there are anti-anxiety drugs to treat it, but for mild cases, there are people that are taking melatonin. That’s right, melatonin for anxiety is true and not a myth.

Why melatonin anyway: Melatonin isn’t something that will provide a soothing effect but rather helps reduce anxiety by helping a person relax. Most people think that melatonin is only needed at night to help promote sleep, but in some cases where anxiety is abnormally felt during the day, melatonin for anxiety during the day is also pretty necessary. The dosage varies per person and per gravity of the anxiety and usually, a physician can help nail that exact dosage. This is one of the reasons why before you even plan on taking melatonin it’s highly advised to seek expert help.

Melatonin might sometimes be mistaken for melanin,  a typo and even autocorrect will get it wrong, but although they sound the same they are pretty much very different in terms of action. Melatonin is an OTC so you should be very clear when purchasing it and not mistake it for melanin. If you wish to know further as to why its a good drug in treating anxiety, read further by clicking the hyperlink.

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